At Clairemont Covenant we believe that giving is multi-dimensional. It includes giving of our Time, Talents and Treasure.  With regard to giving of our monetary resources (“treasure) we believe that scripture teaches that it should be done cheerfully (2 Cor. 9:7), sacrificially (Luke 21:1-4), and regularly (Mal 3:10). To help you in fulfilling these scriptural imperatives, we offer a variety of means for you to utilize.

Sunday Morning Worship Offering:

Each Sunday we take an offering as part of our regular morning worship service. We encourage the use of Offering Envelopes on Sunday mornings, allowing us to keep accurate records for your year-end tax purposes. If you do not have Offering Envelopes please contact the church office.

Online Bank Bill Pay Services:

1. Set up Clairemont Covenant Church as a payee on your bank’s online system. Be sure to include the church’s address (5255 Mt. Ararat Dr. San Diego, CA 92111)

2. Put your offering envelope number in the account number field.
3. If you wish to designate your offering for a particular purpose or fund, many systems offer a memo field where this information can be input, such as: “Building Blocks,” “HOPE Fund,” etc…
4. To submit a payment, click on “Clairemont Covenant Church,” input the amount and any designation. The bank will send a check to the church and it will be counted with the regular Sunday morning offering.
On-Line Giving via Debit or Credit Card:

1. Click on the “Donate or Make A Payment” link below. This will take you to our on-line donation page provided by our servicer.

2. Set up your member profile. Be sure to add your envelope number in the memo box.

3. In this member profile you will be able to set up whether you would like your offering to be automatically paid on a regular basis. Designations to specific funds are also possible.

4. With the member profile, you will be able to sign on at any time and receive a report of your giving to date.

5. The church will receive your offering directly into the church’s bank account with reports given directly to the Financial Secretary.

**With the use of a debit/credit card there is a merchant service fee attached. If you would be willing to assume that fee, please click on the field to add that to your contribution so that the church receives the full amount of your intended offering.

Thank you for your consideration and for the offerings that you bring into the Lord’s house – by whatever means!

Donate Or Make A Payment