Change a child’s life.  Transform your own.
As the Covenant Church we are moved by stories from DR Congo. Although there are stories of war, profound material need and lack of basic infrastructure we are compelled by a different kind of story: we are compelled by a story of hope for a bright future for the people of Equateur. We stand with our Congolese friends and leaders because they want to keep their children healthy, in school and with opportunities for their dreams to come true. This is the hope that compels us. Joining together with World Vision, this partnership is already seeing sustainable community development changing the lives of thousands through clean water, education, health, agriculture, economic development and advocacy.
For more information:  Covenant Kids Congo
To Sponsor a child:  Sponsorship
 Six kilometers is the distance kids walk on a regular basis to get water for their families…and it might not even be clean water.  Just fifty dollars ensures that one child won’t have to make that walk ever again!  
Thank you for joining us as we walked the neighborhood around the church to raise support and awareness for the extreme need for clean water in Congo!  We raised enough money to ensure the 55 kids won’t have to make the walk anymore!
Watch this exciting and encouraging video about the work God is doing in Congo through the Covenant Kids Congo Project: