Blue Jay, CA
Life can get pretty crazy, especially when we are trying to balance so many parts of it. We have our sports life, our social life, our family life, our school life, our spiritual life etc. How can we possibly keep up with all of the busyness?

In a way, we all try to organize our lives into “boxes” each separate from one another. We’d like to think that our social life has nothing to do with our spiritual life and so forth. But is this true? What happens when we put God inside of a box keeping him separate from everything else? How does He fit into our lives? Does He really have a place in other areas of our life? Is He only important to us on church days or is He something much more?

It’s time to put a stop to all of the confusion and get Re-organized
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Tales from the Gold Mine tells the story of Gold Mine City, an old west town that looked for treasure in all the wrong places. Eventually the wicked Big Bad Joe buys up the whole town, including the church, and turns it all into a giant “All-Mart” store to sell stuff! Big Bad Joe advertises that “Stuff is what happiness is made of!”

Well, Deputy J isn’t going to let this takeover continue. He rallies the town folk to dig down into the ‘pure gold’ of the Bible. The conflict ends in a showdown as Big Bad Joe comes face to face with truth of God’s Word. This classic old west tale helps young and old alike look carefully at where they find their treasure. All will learn that the Bible is full of pure gold!

$169.00 – $25.00 to reserve a spot (Scholarships are available)
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