We are transitioning to a new online giving platform called Pushpay. It is our goal to complete this process by June 30, 2021, so we need your help to move your current online giving to the new platform. It’s a simple 2-step process that will take no more than a few minutes.
Step 1:  Please log in to your Vanco account and cancel your scheduled gifts.  To do this, simply click “delete” for each recurring gift that is established.  You do not need to erase your account as that will happen naturally when we close our church account with Vanco.  Be aware that Vanco begins the transaction process 2 days prior to the withdrawal date.  For instance, if it is June 13th and your recurring gift is set to occur on June 15th the transaction is already in process even if it doesn’t show on your bank account.  If this is the case, please wait until after your June transaction is complete.
Step 2:  To set up a new recurring gift using Pushpay, click the link below.  Please consider covering the processing fee for your transaction.  We’ll be switching our old system off on Jun 30, 2021.  After this date any remaining gifts will be cancelled.
If you have any questions, please contact the church office.