In the New Testament, the Gospels record the events of Jesus’ last week on earth.  It began with what we now call Palm Sunday and concludes with the celebration of His resurrection, Easter.  We have made adjustments to our regularly scheduled programming to take time to honor and celebrate the biblical events of Holy Week.  
Sunday, April 14th – Palm Sunday – During our 9am worship service we will remember how Jesus entered Jerusalem to cheers and the waving of palm branches.
Wednesday, April 17th – Seder Dinner – A Seder meal is the ceremonial feast that commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.  This is also the meal Jesus ate with his disciples hours before his arrest and crucifixion.  It was during this meal that Jesus gave the instructions for how we celebrate communion today.  We will be led in this meal by Rabbi Barney Kasden of the Kehliat Ariel Messianic Synagogue in Clairemont.  Rabbi Barney will help us to understand the Seder elements, their symbolism and its significance for believers.  Tickets are $5/person.
*There will be no kids’ krew or youth group this night
Friday, April 19th – “Journey To The Cross” – This is a self-guided prayer experience through several stations set up to help you focus specifically on the significance of Jesus’ death on the cross.  It will be open 10am – 8pm.  
Sunday, April 21st – Easter Sunday at 9am – THIS is what it is all about!  We will celebrate the hope and forgiveness we have because Jesus rose from the dead.  We will have a beautiful floral cross, programs for the kids and a time of socializing and snacking after the service!